Thursday, July 27, 2017

Famous Moslem attacks Christianity again

The Iranian-American Moslem author Reza Aslan argues:
Religion comes in countless forms, depending either on the soil from which that religion arose or the soil in which it was planted. What we call Christianity in America is not what Guatemalans call Christianity. It’s not what Iraqis call Christianity. What we call Islam in the United States is vastly different from Islam in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Nigeria or Indonesia.

The notion that religion clashes with a culture is a misunderstanding of what religion is, but, more specifically, the idea that Islam clashes with American culture is just foolishness, naiveté, and lies. There is no clash between Islam and American culture. In fact, there is no clash between any religion and any culture because religions are inextricably linked to culture.
Aslan is mainly known for writing silly books claiming that Christianity is a religion of war and Islam is a religion of peace.

Americans very much distinguish between religion and culture. Moslems usually do not.

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