Thursday, February 23, 2017

Name for invasive peoples

Much of the news media refuses to use the term "illegal alien", and saying things like "undocumented immigrant" instead.

Now I learn that ecologists use the terms "alien species" and "invasive species", with the main difference being that the latter term is used to imply harm.

And many ppl argue that illegal aliens are beneficial to the USA, because they supply cheap labor, drive down wages, and support Democrats. And they validate some silly poem about "wretched refuse" ppl.

So maybe we need a term like "invasive peoples" to convey harm. The main objection to illegal aliens is not that they are illegal or that they are alien; it is that they are intruders who are destroying the ecosystem. The term "wretched refuse", which seems popular among pro-immigration folks, seems too pejorative.

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Rainer B said...

Democrats who point to the Statue Of Liberty and recite Emma Lazarus are silly.
They act as if the ideal to refuse the pomp and take in the tired masses was fulfilled by the USA from its inception until Trump's inauguration. And only Trump's moslem ban and other anti-immigrant action now violates the unwritten law. (With "unwritten law I mean the poem. The term is incorrect since it is the other way around: it's written, but it's not law.) It's not true. The USA closed its borders long ago.
Ever since Quota Act II America's borders were closed for Europeans inasmuch as only a minority of those who want to emigrate are admitted. But they were still open inasmuch as America atleast declared, she has an ethnic identity, our identity. In 1965 this identity was abolished. Emigration chances for Europeans were reduced by creating competition from the rest of the world.
Somewhen after WWII America introduced the concept of skilled immigration. She takes in preferredly rich or high-skilled people. Ordinary people, ordinary in the meaning of not being to rich and not having any special-asked skills, were not admitted, had to stay home. This rule has been strictly applied for North-Western Europeans ever since. America has taken in the pomp and refused entry to the wretched refuse.
Canada, Australia and New Zealand followed the USA as example and made similar immigration rules. I live here in my home country in Europe exactly because these immigration rules are in place. I hate illegal Mexican immigration into the United States out of jealousy.
When Trump ran for office, in 2015 I hoped Trump would win because I hoped he would enhance the immigration situation for my country, maybe not for me but for later generations. I hoped America would under Trump once again grow into fulfilling the promise of the Emma Lazarus poem. In especially because he said something like "Let's take our immigrants from Europe again." at CPAC 2013.