Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tech star endorses Trump

NY Times columnist Farhad Manjoo
When the technology investor Peter Thiel takes the stage just before Donald J. Trump at the Republican convention this week, he will become the most prominent public face of a species so endangered it might as well be called extinct: the Silicon Valley Trump supporter. ...

On the one hand, an emissary from tech will have a national platform to push the industry’s agenda and, more important, its worldview. By the end of Mr. Thiel’s speech on Thursday night, it’s possible he will have succeeded in showing off an ideology that is rarely encountered in public — the hands-off-my-stuff, techno-libertarian vision that is a hobbyhorse of Mr. Thiel and a few other Silicon Valley bigwigs.
So why are the other Si Valley super-rich reluctant to show those techo-libertarian views in public? Maybe because they are the robber barons of the modern era. Most of them would rather pretend that they identify with the poor and disadvantaged.
Though Silicon Valley has well-known problems with diversity in its work force, people here pride themselves on a kind of militant open-mindedness. It is the kind of place that will severely punish any deviations from accepted schools of thought — see how Brendan Eich, the former chief executive of Mozilla, was run out of his job after it became public that he had donated to a campaign opposed to gay marriage. Mr. Trump’s comments about immigrants, women and so many other groups have made him a kind of kryptonite in Silicon Valley.

Those problems are not widely understand, as in this article:
Facebook has explained away another year of dreadful diversity figures by claiming that there simply aren't enough minorities available for it to hire.

Despite having been at the receiving end of years of criticism for its overwhelmingly white male workforce, the social media giant's latest figures show that only 4 per cent of its workers are Hispanic and just 2 per cent African-American. The percentage of women at the company crept up a single percentage point to 33 per cent.

Despite acknowledging that "we still have a long way to go," the company that is never wrong says it has been "working hard to increase diversity" but has been stymied by the fact that there just aren't enough qualified people that aren't white men.
The article gives the impression that FB hires all white men, but the staff is 38% Asian and 7% LGBTQ. FB hires whites at a lower rate than the whites in the national population.

Most of the Si Valley super-rich support Democrats because they favor the modern day slave trade. They import Asians to do most of their work, and they sell out American interests.

Manjoo continues:
Mr. Thiel, a billionaire known for his unusual positions, does not appear to be too bothered by kryptonite.
Si Valley is very politically intolerant, and Thiel is rich and independent enuf to tell the truth. Twitter just banned Milo Yiannopoulos for criticizing liberals.
“As a black guy in Silicon Valley, I just find it very hard to support a candidate who has been called racist,” Mr. Johnson said.
Si Valley is mostly non-white and non-Christian, and they can be manipulated into voting Democrat by using identity politics. The Democrats just have to call someone a racist, whether it is true or not, and they will get the votes of the white haters.

I mentioned Steve King defending Western Civilization, and Leftist sites like the NY Times and Wash. Post go into hysterics. Vox does not even quote what King actual said, and posts anti-white nonsense:
America was built on the slave labor of black Americans.

There were many famous black inventors throughout US history.

Jesus was possibly brown.
I guess this is what is taught in schools today, but it does not actually contradict anything King said.

I very much doubt that there was any net benefit to building America from the black slave trade. Whatever economic benefits there were before 1860 were surely wiped out by the Civil War.

Maybe blacks invented peanut butter, I don't know. I would rather credit them with jazz, blues, and rap music.

There is no proof that Jesus was brown. I am not even sure that he was of Jewish descent. For all we know, he could have been a blond-haired blue-eyed Roman, as the Romans occupied the Jerusalem area at the time.

Update: Jerry Coyne claims that Milo deserves a ban because he responded to a forged tweet. It seems to me that rooting out forged tweets is Twitter's responsibility, not Milo's.

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