Sunday, July 17, 2016

Europe censors political views

Israel News reports:
Police in 14 German states reportedly conducted raids on 60 individuals in an attempt to root out the sources of anti-Semitic and other hate postings on the internet.

The raids on Wednesday marked the first time that Germany has conducted a nationwide hunt for internet hate purveyors, according to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, who said he hoped the operations would send a strong message that criminals cannot hide from the law in the seemingly anonymous internet.

According to German news reports, the raids followed months of observing one Facebook group that glorified National Socialism and broke German laws against promoting hate.

Suspects were accused of posting anti-Semitic, extremist and xenophobic messages, including denial of or relativizing the Holocaust, celebrating aspects of National Socialism and using Nazi symbolism, and calling for attacks on refugees and politicians. Evidence was seized at several locations.
I assume that "relativizing the Holocaust" means comparing the Holocaust to mass deaths, such as from Communism or war, and that such relativizing is now a crime in Germany.

Richard B. Spencer writes that he was banned from Britain for saying this and some similar things:
The ideal I advocate is the creation of a white Ethno-State on the North American continent. Vis-a-vis most contemporary states that are putatively based on the “rights of man” and "democracy," our project would be a new kind of political and social order. It would be a state for the 21 century — or 22nd: reflecting advances in communication and transportation, it would be a home for Germans, Latins, and Slavs from around the world. On one level, it would be a re-constitution of the Roman Empire. The Ethno-State would be, to borrow the title of a novel by Theodor Herzl (one of the founding fathers of Zionism), an > Altneuland> — an old, new country.”
He had already been banned from most of the rest of Europe.

Only the USA has a First Amendment guaranteeing free speech.

I live in the USA, but I do not want to be banned in Europe, or even to have this blog banned in Europe.

I hereby disavow anything the Europeans consider illegal.

If I thought that the Holocaust were the second worst crime in the history of humanity, I would not say it here. The Jews can have whatever beliefs they want about the Holocaust, and it does not make any difference to me. It is outside my expertise anyway.

The Spencer quote is obviously some sort of fantasy. Nothing like that could be achieved except thru a horrible war, and starting such a war would be exceptionally foolish.

Yes, most of the world's nations were created as ethno-states, and the Zionists created one in 1948. But there is way too much hatred of whites today for a white ethno-state.

Ask yourself: why would anyone try to ban philosophical or political ideas? Usually it is because some truth is being suppressed.

I might cite some offensive story like this:
Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ during war becomes chief army rabbi
However it should be obvious that I am not saying that all Jews have such views. In this case, I suspect that 99% of Jews disagree with that rabbi. But apparently that rabbi has a following in Israel.

There are probably a lot of Moslems who approve of raping infidel women.

Again, I am not expressing hatred towards these groups or any other. They can have whatever opinions they want. I am just reporting on some controversial views.

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