Friday, May 13, 2016

Libertarian ethno-hate of non-Jews

Trump-hater and libertarian Cathy Young writes:
Israel was founded as an ethno-state (though it is worth noting that a quarter of its citizens are not Jewish); the United States of America was not. Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors; the United States is not. ...

The “double standards” argument has blatantly anti-Semitic overtones, since it invariably invokes Israel and never other small nations, like Finland, that limit immigration and grant automatic citizenship on the basis of ethnic background.
Most of the pro-immigration arguments I see come from Jews. But they never say that Israel should accept non-Jewish immigration.

Are Finns working to flood the USA with Third World migrants? If so, then maybe they have double standards also. But I doubt it.

Anti-Semitism used to mean people hating Jews. Now it means Jews hating other people.

Young is probably not even Jewish, but she is a libertarian, and libertarians are always wanting to give foreigners more rights than Americans.

Third World immigration can destroy the USA as surely as Arab immigration could destroy Israel.

It is a little crazy to say that Israel can have immigration policies favoring Jews, while the USA cannot have policies favoring white Christians. If you point this out, you will be subjected to various name-calling, like anti-Semitic or like Hitler, or something like that.

What is now Israel was founded in 1948 as two states, one Jewish and one Arab-Moslem. The Arab-Moslems chose to fight instead. So saying that Israel is okay because it was founded that way is a little strange. The USA was founded by white Christians who probably would never have agreed with importing millions of Moslem and mestizo migrants, as we are doing now.

Just remember that every time you hear the word "anti-Semitism", you are listening to someone who claims that Jews have a right to practice identity politics, but that white Christians do not. If there are any exceptions to this rule, please let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

You make mny good points but, it's hard to believe that, "Most of the pro-immigration arguments I see come from Jews." Jews represent less than 2% of the U.S. population and less than 1% of the world's population, yet MOST of the pro-immigration arguments you see come from Jews ? Most ? What do you read almost strictly articles and books written by Jews ? Have you noticed that a lot of Hispanics have written a lot of pro-immigration arguments as well as many other non-Jewish groups, too ? And don't you think that Israel is in a very unique situation with a very unique history relative to most countries ?

Roger said...

Admittedly, I read a lot of Jewish publications like the NY Times, and I do not read Hispanic publications.

Yes, Israel has a unique history, and has unusual justifications. I am not criticizing Israel for preserving its ethnic identity.

Anonymous said...

The N.Y times is a Jewish publication ? Wasn't the owner Ochs, raised episcopalian ? How is it a Jewish publication when the owner is not Jewish ?

Is the S.F. chronicle a Christian publication ?