Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Democrats promote racial murders

Democrat Party hatred of white people was on clear display with its treatment of Ferguson Missouri. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and newspapers like the NY Times regularly told us that Missouri white men kill blacks for no good reason, and that blacks need to fight back.

The truth is that the Ferguson cop was 100% justified.

These Democrats have increased the murder rate, and a Liberal Researcher Now Admits Ferguson Effect on Murder Is Real.

The obvious explanation is that stirring up anti-white hatred helps get black and non-Christian votes.

The Trump-haters are open about it:
Fed-up with being called cucks for demanding America be flooded with brown people, the cucks decided they would start calling themselves cucks as a way to mitigate the stigma.

The PAC tweeted “Being that #Cuck is the new word for people who don’t hate minorities, WE HERBY DECLARE OURSELVES PROUD #CUCKS!” It was accompanied by a meme image declaring their pride in their cuck status.

They have since deleted the tweet – which is telling. But it’s on archive.is.

Donald Trump has forced these people to reveal their true nature – that they actually hate the White middle and working classes. That they genuinely desire to drain our nation of all of its resources through “free trade” deals and mass non-White immigration.
The Presidential election is boiling down to loyal Americans versus cucks and white-Christian haters.

BTW, a reader asks what makes the NY Times a Jewish newspaper. Admittedly, its biggest stockholder is a Mexican billionaire who makes a lot of his money from illegal immigration into the USA. He is not Jewish, as far as I know. But the owners, management, principal editors, and reader base have been largely Jewish for decades. It is not entirely Jewish, of course, and has many excellent articles on many subjects. The science and book review sections are particularly good. But its editorial positions are always in favor of Democrat anti-white anti-Christian flooding the USA with Third World immigrants.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you pointing out that a Mexiacan non- Jew is the largest stockholder of the N.Y. Times. Maybe it is a "Jewsih Newspaper", maybe the Times hires a lot of Jewish people because there's so many college educated people in N.Y. and Jews make up a large portion of their readers, and it's a business that sells to it's audience, which is a very common practice. If you were to check out the newspaper in Salt lake City you might find that there were a lot of Mormon shareholders and employees. Would this for example, make it a "Mormon newspaper" ? I doubt that you call it a "Mormon newspaper. You'd just call it a newspaper, or wouldn't you ?

Don't worry. Jews and brown skin people have helped make America great for centuries and will continue to. The more the better, Diversity has made America great and the more the better. Keep America great. Add more of the people who have made it great and it will become even greater. Embrace the present and look forward to an even brighter future.

Mexicans aren't taking jobs from Americans, they are doing jobs that Americans don't want to accept and keeping the economy going, especially in Calif. where it's been estimated that without Mexican labor, prices would increase 30% for goods and services. Don't you agree ?

Roger said...

Yes, I would call a Salt Lake City newspaper a Mormon newspaper, if it also takes pro-Mormon stances in its editorials. The NY Times consistently takes typical Jewish liberals positions on its editorial pages.

You have expressed an opinion in favor of importing non-whites and non-Christians. I would like to see an open discussion of the issues.

No, I do not agree that Mexican labor has benefited California.

Rainer B said...

The NYT is a formerly Jewish newspaper. Its Jewish owners sold it in 2008 to a Mexican in Mexico who makes profit from illegal immigration. I know this from chapter 13 of Adios America.
The Jewish owners seem to have thought, it's about time the newspaper is owned and operated by someone who makes a profit from illegal immigration and is a Mexican with no loyalty to the United States. The present owner was determined by Jews, but Jews don't own it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't read the N.Y. Times editorials so I don't know if or how slanted they may be. Maybe a newspaper can be called a Jewsih newspaper because it's editorials take what you're calling a typical liberal Jewish position if you consider the two mutually inclusive. I don't. there's a fair amount of conservative Jews. Geo. H.W.Bush and Reagan earned close to 40% of the Jewish votes.

I think that there is an open discussion taking place about California's Mexicans and their impact. We can go back and forth about statistics that prove that Mexicans do or do not improve Calif.s economy, despite their contribution of approximatley 130 billion per year to the state's G.D.P. It's been said that if you torture statistics long enough, you can get them to admit to almost anything. Could you please refer me to a study or article or something that demonstrates to you that Mexicans are bad for Calif.s economy. I'd be interested in better understanding your point of view because from my personal research and analysis, I've determined that they're greatly benifitting the state. I think that I'm open minded and could be convinced to see things as you do with some compelling data. I just haven't found any yet.