Saturday, February 27, 2016

Only Trump understands the concept

From an anonymous Trump supporter:
Worrying about free trade and healthcare is ridiculous when white children are already a minority in the US. I care about blood and soil, and Trump is the only candidate that even understands the concept. Libertarian ideological straight jackets mean nothing to me. Every quasi religious concept about liberty and freedom has been used by a parasitic elite in the name of open borders, offshoring and outsourcing and against white males. Free trade with Mexico and China has been an obvious and unmitigated disaster. Slap on the tariffs.

Libertarianism is a coward’s ideology. It’s an attempt by white males to argue in their own interest by ideological means instead of arguing plainly for what’s in the interest of their own blood and culture like every other ethnic group does. Every libertarian ideal has been turned against them by their ideological opponents. To be a libertarian you have to believe in open borders and free trade (or make some Rube Goldberg argument about why it’s more libertarian to believe otherwise) despite the fact that this is dispossessing and impoverishing white males who make up 99.9999% of all the libertarians that ever were or ever will be.
Here is a Libertarian law professor in a panic about Trump. He is always claiming to follow principles, such as America giving more rights to people on the other side of the world, than to Americans.

The Democrat Party has become the anti-white-male party. Trump is threatening a party re-alignment, where the election is globalists v. nationalists.

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