Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The censors are the bigots

With colleges and other leftists trying to shut down views that are supposedly offensive, this essay points out who the bigots really are:
That the hounders of Greer can call her a bigot in one breath and then suggest she has no place in the media or polite society in the next suggests they don’t only need a lesson in what freedom of speech means — they also need a dictionary. For bigotry means one pretty simple thing: intolerance of those who think differently to oneself. A bigot is not simply a nasty person, or a racist, or an ‘Islamophobe’, or a really opinionated, obstinate person — it’s a person who is ‘intolerant towards those who hold different opinions’. As the authors of Values, Violence and Our Future put it, ‘What distinguishes bigots is that they are intolerant of [persons] who hold conflicting beliefs or opinions’. This is why ‘intolerance is fundamental to bigotry’.
That's right. When a leftist group tries to suppress a supposed bigot, then the bigots are actually the ones doing the suppressing.

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