Thursday, December 18, 2014

Here is the soul is Islam

Time magazine reports:
No symbol represents the soul of Islam more than the Shahada. ...

There is still much that we do not know about the Lindt café siege in Sydney. We know that two innocent people are dead: the café manager, Tori Johnson; and barrister and mother of three Katrina Dawson. And we know that the armed man who was holding them and 15 other people hostage, Man Haron Monis, was a self-styled Muslim cleric.
The author is identified:
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the founder of the AHA Foundation and the author of Infidel, Nomad, and the forthcoming Heretic: The Case for a Muslim Reformation, to be published next spring.
That soul of Islam is written in Arabic on that black flag. The reformers are hoping to change its meaning to something other than killing infidels in the name of Mohammad.

Ali describes him herself as a "former Muslim", so I can understand why he he wants reform. Islam teaches that she can be executed for apostasy.

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Anonymous said...

Ali is a female, & a very brave one, at that. The 'progressive' Liberal-Left, the 'useful idiots' head over heels in love with Islam, just don't know how to handle her; other than banning her from US campuses. Ayaan's problem is that she tells the truth - hence the 24/7 armed security around her.