Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Christian preacher is closet atheist

I posted below an example of liberals calling Christians hypocrites, and here is another example, from NPR radio:
Teresa MacBain has a secret, one she's terrified to reveal.

"I'm currently an active pastor and I'm also an atheist," she says. "I live a double life. I feel pretty good on Monday, but by Thursday — when Sunday's right around the corner — I start having stomachaches, headaches, just knowing that I got to stand up and say things that I no longer believe in and portray myself in a way that's totally false."

MacBain glances nervously around the room. It's a Sunday, and normally she would be preaching at her church in Tallahassee, Fla. But here she is, sneaking away to the American Atheists' convention in Bethesda, Md.

My guess is that her church is now wondering why they ever hired a female pastor in the first place.

Wikipedia defines:

Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.[1] Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie. ...

Hypocrisy is not simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches. ... Thus, an alcoholic's advocating temperance, for example, would not be considered an act of hypocrisy as long as the alcoholic made no pretense of constant sobriety.

You might also see this definition of a hypocrite:
A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives
So a Christian preacher is not a hypocrite just because he is a sinner. Christianity teaches that all men are sinners. A black man is not a hypocrite just because he is a Republican. A taxpayer is not a hypocrite just because he favors higher taxes. But a Christian preacher is a hypocrite if she secretly promotes atheism in her spare time.


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There's nothing here to comfort atheists. She chose atheism and dishonesty at the same time.