Saturday, January 14, 2012

Red wine health is bogus

NPR reports:
The already shaky case for the anti-aging powers of resveratrol, a substance in red wine, is looking a little shakier.

After a three-year investigation, the University of Connecticut Health Center has told 11 scientific journals that studies they published by resveratrol researcher Dipak K. Das may not be trustworthy.

In 2008, the university got a tip about irregularities in Das' work. The subsequent investigation identified "145 counts of fabrication and falsification of data," according to a UConn statement.
Of course, these studies being bogus does not say anything about whether red wine is healthy or unhealthy, just as a vaccine study being bogus does not say anything about whether the vaccine is safe. But this does show that a lot of people are easily duped by research claims that reinforce what they would like to believe.

Meanwhile, it is claimed that a soda tax will save thousands of lives.

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