Saturday, September 03, 2011

Maleness is not a disease

Yesterday's Dear Annie advice column says:
Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 21 years, and we have five wonderful children. "Tom" is 50, and I am 39.

In the past few years, Tom has developed an annoying habit. He openly ogles attractive women ... Tom says he finds skinny women with large breasts and tattoos a turn-on. I don't look like that. ... He says I'm the one with the problem, and that I'm jealous and spoiled. ... — Unhappily Married to an Ogler

Dear Unhappy: ... Ask him to get a complete physical to make sure his "new habit" isn't being exacerbated by a medical condition.
No, there is nothing wrong with looking at attractive women. Being a man is not a medical condition. This is normal male behavior. Get over it.

Today's column is just as bad:
Dear Annie: "Mike" and I are in our 60s and have been married seven years. We each have children from previous marriages, all of whom are grown and out of the house.

Recently, I noticed that Mike friended his ex-wife on Facebook. ... Today, I saw a receipt for tickets to an out-of-state amusement park where he is planning to go with his daughter and grandchildren. I noticed a receipt for another person (a senior). It's not for me because I have to work. I believe this ticket is for his ex-wife.

Dear Fun: ... Get the details from your husband, and explain your concerns. If his responses aren't satisfactory, tell him your marriage is at risk and ask him to come with you for counseling.
No, this does not require counseling. Grandpa should be commended for putting up with his ex-wife at an amusement park for the sake of entertaining the grandkids, if that is indeed his plan. The wife should not be snooping and interfering. This advice is horrible.

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