Wednesday, August 03, 2011

TV show on atheist scientists

Cosmologist Sean M. Carroll plugs an atheist TV show on the Discovery Channel this Sunday, and says:
Hawking clearly goes all-in with “God does not exist.” It’s not a message we often hear on American TV.
Leftist-atheist-evolutionist Pharyngula is also excited about it. Elsewhere, Hawking denies that he is an atheist. He recently said, I am not claiming there is no God.

Meanwhile, leftist-atheist-evolutionist Jerry Coyne argues in USA Today:
As a biologist, I see belief in God-given morality as American's biggest impediment to accepting the fact of evolution. "Evolution," many argue, "could never have given us feelings of kindness, altruism and morality. For if we were merely evolved beasts, we would act like beasts. Surely our good behavior, and the moral sentiments that promote it, reflect impulses that God instilled in our soul." ...

So where does morality come from, if not from God? Two places: evolution and secular reasoning.
His example is that he once helped a FedEx man pick up some boxes, and that was based on a non-Biblical instinct.

Update: USA Today article on Hawking.

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