Monday, August 01, 2011

Advice for sexless marriage

Here is today's bad newspaper advice:
Dear Annie: My wife and I are both 30 and have been married for five years. We have a toddler.

The problem is, over the past few years, my wife has cut down sex to roughly once every couple of months. I do what I can to keep her happy and have even bargained with her to get sex by offering to take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant or giving back massages, but she won't discuss it. As soon as I bring it up, she gets angry, and it puts her in a bad mood. ...

I could understand if she had a medical problem, but she doesn't. I'm being pushed to the brink. My wife has no interest in talking to a counselor. ...

Dear Frustrated: ... Stop pressuring her for sex, either by asking or by bargaining, and get some counseling for yourself.
Their marriage is doomed. Counseling is a waste. Marriage will not survive if these attitudes are commonplace. Here is a better response (and a previous view from the Thinking Housewife. She says:
Advice columnists are shills for the feminist-dominated psychotherapy industry. No matter what a reader’s problem is they invariably recommend professional therapy.
Therapy is very destructive in a case like this.

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repulsive. utterly repulsive.