Saturday, May 14, 2011

Column has wacky idea of reasonable advice

Today's wacky advice:
Dear Annie: Two years ago, my wife and our 25-year-old daughter had a falling out right after our son's wedding. ...

Dear Caught: Your wife could be right about the daughter-in-law, but even so, it serves no purpose to demand an apology from someone who isn't likely to give one. Your wife also sounds like a difficult person. Has she always been like this? Some women have extreme mood swings during menopause. Please ask your wife to see her gynecologist about this possibility. ...

Dear Annie: I am a retired probation officer and would like to offer some suggestions to "Marriage on the Rocks," whose 51-year-old stepson lives rent-free in their trailer and may be using drugs.

1. Call the police and have their drug team search your property, house and trailer for drugs or paraphernalia. If the stepson has any illegal substances, he goes to jail. Police don't need a warrant if you invite them to search your property. ...

Dear Shaggy: Your suggestions are strict but reasonable.
This advice is so bad that is sounds like a joke. If the wife demands an apology, send her to get gynecological exam. If the stepson is suspected of using drugs, call the police and have him jailed.

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