Monday, January 03, 2011

Blind critters and funny video

It is a new year, and I am already swamped with news stories that show our society's warped values. I think that it is evidence for our decline that these are even stories. AP reports that sea lion shootings are up:
Wildlife officials say sea lion and human populations continue to increase, making interaction more common, especially among fishermen who compete for the same food and often view the creatures as a nuisance. ...

Veterinarians at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, Calif., are treating the wounded critter in the hope an aquarium or zoo will take it. The 7-foot-long male, dubbed Silent Knight by its rescuers, is now blind and cannot return to the wild. ...

Larry Legans of Sacramento was ordered to pay more than $51,000 in restitution for the cost of treating the critter, who recently underwent plastic surgery at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to close bullet holes in its muzzle. Legas also spent a month in jail and got five years probation.
So the population of the critters is up, they are eating too many fish, and more are getting shot. So what is the problem? Why do plastic surgery on blind critters? We have too many of them anyway.

A Navy captain, Owen Honors, is accused of making an inappropriate video. I've watched it. What's the problem? How is it that non-soldiers are even expressing an opinion on what is appropriate on a military submarine. They have no idea.

Meanwhile, look at these pictures of Detroit here and here. There is a serious decline of a once-great city.

Update: Pres. Obama has not fired Owens. This shows where Obama's concerns are.

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