Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sleepwalking libel case

A UK paper reports:
Even the judge was taken aback when a jury awarded €10million (£8.51million) to a company boss who sleepwalked naked to a female colleague's bedroom.

Wealthy Donal Kinsella won the biggest libel award in Ireland's history.

He had sued the mining company he worked for over a press release it put out in the aftermath of his late-night wanderings on a company trip to Africa.

Mr Kinsella's lawyers had told the court how the story had gone round the world and life had been made a misery for the married father of six ever since the 2007 incident. ...

The extra €1million (£850,000) was because the jurors felt that the cross examination of Mr Kinsella by the company's lawyers was too aggressive. They believed barristers were trying too hard to discredit Mr Kinsella. ...

Last night, Mr Kinsella said: 'I am vindicated. My name is cleared,' adding that he felt elated by the outcome.
Wow. So in Ireland a man can walk naked into a woman's bedroom, and a woman cannot accuse a him of an impropriety if he is really just sleepwalking. And the lawyers cannot ask aggressive questions to discredit her.

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