Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sending pills instead of truth

The trapped Chilean miner have some amazing self-disciple. AP reports:
COPIAPO, Chile – Each of the 33 miners trapped a half-mile underground lived on two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk, a bite of crackers and a morsel of peaches. Every other day.

They were so careful in eating what was supposed to be a two-day emergency supply that when the outside world finally reached them 17 days after a mine collapse, they still had some food left.

The discipline the men have already shown will be essential during the four months it may take rescuers to dig a hole wide enough to get them out of their shelter. The first communications with the trapped miners, now able to talk through a fixed line with their rescuers above – show how determined they have been to stay alive.
I would treat these miners as some of the most rational and courageous people on Earth. But instead, the shrinks have persuaded the authorities to treat them as if they were crazy. The Christian Science Monitor reports:
Psychological help will be of great importance, mostly because of the long wait for a rescue.

Families said late Wednesday that antidepressants would be sent to the miners.

The notion of being trapped underground for up to four months, as has been suggested by some Chilean officials, is what the families of the miners say worries them the most about the men staying optimistic. Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said that it would be detrimental to tell the miners in detail how long it might take to dig them out — although he said they are aware it will take some time.
This is cruel. This is torture. They are trapped underground, and they will soon figure out that the authorities are systematically lying to them about their prospects, and sending them antidepressant pills instead! The miners should be told the straight truth.

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