Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sherrod video not doctored

ABC News reports Shirley Sherrod To Sue Blogger Andrew Breitbart Over Doctored Video.

I think that Brietbart should sue ABC for libel. The video was not doctored. You can watch the videos here. The relevant part is around 17:00 to 19:00. It seems like a fair excerpt to me. She admits to having a racist policy 24 years ago, and starts to explain how she learned from it.


Rainer Brunotte said...

I have a little problem with the accusation.
When I watched the supposedly doctored video, I did not get the impression that the lady from the agricultural department is racist. If I understand the story right, Breitband is accused of creating the impression she is racist by doctoring.

I did not undergo to watch the full 43-minute video. The story I saw in the short video was:
A white farmer phones a black mistress of the agricultural department. That farmer deems himself to be poor and thinks that most rich people are undeservedly rich. That´s why he also thinks that people of his kind - poor farmers - are superior to people of the other kind - rich people. But he commits poor word choice, so that the black lady misunderstands his remark. She thinks, he meant: people of his kind - whites - are superior to people of the other kind - blacks. So the black lady mistakenly believes that the white farmer is racist. So she treats him like a racist deserves. She doesn`t give him full support, and when he needs a lawyer, lets him only have a white lawyer even if a better black lawyer was available.
She discriminates against the one farmer, not for his being white, but for his racism, - until she learns she misunderstood him and he is not a racist.

Neither is the black woman, visible in the video, a racist, nor does the video version of Breitband create such an impression. All accusations are false. That`s what I saw in the short Breitband video. But maybe others have a different view.

Roger said...

When I say that she was racist, I just mean that she applied racial considerations to her comments and actions. I am not claiming that she was motivated by a hatred of white folks. It is possible that she misunderstood the white farmer, as you say.