Thursday, March 19, 2009

College donation brainwashing

The Dilbert cartoonist writes:
Suppose you hire a plumber to fix a leak. You pay him for his work and he leaves. A year later he calls back and asks if you would consider giving him additional money because you continue to get benefits from the repairs. In addition, he argues, you could help subsidize future customers that would otherwise not be able to pay for his services. Would that seem appropriate?

Now imagine he calls back every few months for the rest of your life, asking the same frickin' question every time. Would you be okay with that practice?

Private colleges do this sort of thing all the time and somehow it seems okay. It makes me wonder what-the-hell kind of brainwashing goes on in those institutions.
No, it is not okay. The college I attended used to ask for class dues in order to fund the alumni magazine subscriptions. Then the administration took over the magazine and made it more officially a fund-raising rag. They still call it a weekly, even tho it only comes out once or twice a month. And they still ask for class dues. It would make more sense to donate to AIG.

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