Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Americans have goofy ideas about dreams

The NY Times reports:
The psychologists began by asking college students in three countries — India, South Korea and the United States — how much significance they attached to dreams. Relatively few students believed in modern theories that dreaming is simply the brain’s response to random impulses, or that it’s a mechanism for sorting and discarding information. Instead, the majority inall three countries believed, along with Freud, that dreams reveal important unconscious emotions.

These instinctive Freudians also considered dreams to be valuable omens, as demonstrated in a study asking them to imagine they were about to take a plane trip. If, on the eve of the flight, they dreamed of the plane’s crashing, they were more likely to cancel the trip than if they saw news of an actual plane crash on their route.
I would have thought that American college students would be less superstitious than Indians. I have run into otherwise educated and rational people who did not know that Freud's theory of dreams was complete nonsense. And your dreams are probably nonsense also.

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