Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Advice on proper eating habits

Today's bad advice:
DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend of 10 years, ... Simon is 30 now and eats only hamburgers, french fries, pizza and other fried or carb-loaded food. He includes absolutely no vegetables or lean protein in his diet. ... I love all kinds of foods. What can I do to bring Simon over to my side? -- WORRIED ABOUT SIMON IN CONNECTICUT

DEAR WORRIED: Until your boyfriend is willing to face the fact that he has a problem, and is willing to do something about it, there is nothing you or I can do. Simon may eat the way he does because he has abandonment issues or because he never learned proper eating habits in the first place. But until he's willing to face up to what's eating him and change the way he is eating, nothing will change.
If the concern is about Simon's health, then she could present scientific evidence that his diet is harmful. If she just wants to be taken to fancier restaurants, then maybe she can offer to exchange favors.

There is no proof that vegetables or lean protein are essential to a healthy diet.

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