Tuesday, February 03, 2009

20 worst foods

Men's Health magazine lists 20 of the worst supermarket foods, and the worst packaged food is a chicken pot pie.

The main complaint seems to be that the package contains 2 530-calorie servings, but the editor thinks that someone will eat both portions himself and get far. So it recommends a lower calorie chicken dish instead.

This is crazy advice. If you don't want to get fat, then don't eat so much. A food does not become bad just because two portions are in a package.

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Anonymous said...

This chicken pot pie is not the worst food because it supposedly has 2 servings in 1 package. Even if the pie is divided into 2 small servings, it would still be among the worst foods sold.

Since it is highly improbable that any consumer would ever actually divide a chicken pot pie, the fiction that the package contains 2 servings merely adds insult to the injury of the extremely low quality of this product.

A typical manufactured chicken pot pie is mostly white flour and cornstarch, with 1 tasteless bit of chicken byproduct and 1 small celery stalk, all loaded with MSG instead of real chicken stock.

Unless you're in prison, you should not be eating food of this poor quality. Part of being a free American is the ability to eat much better than this.