Monday, September 24, 2007

Islam v Islamist

I just watched Islam vs. Islamist, a documentary produced for PBS. It was controversial, and PBS tried to kill it.

It describes how some Moslems want to reform Islam so that it could be coexist with Western democracy, and how they are ostracized and attacked for their efforts. You can buy it here. My local broadcast had a panel discussion afterwards with Muslims, including a couple who didn't like the documentary.

I just found this, from a gaming site:
Admit it - back in the 20th Century, none of you imagined that World War III would be Robots vs. Muslims. Seems obvious now.

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Anonymous said...

for the other side of the story in this controversy and why PBS rejected islam vs islamists from the series, read "Black Muslims Carelessly Maligned by ‘Conservative’ Media: Misinformation at Root of Controversy Over PBS Documentary,"