Friday, September 14, 2007

Ex-Guantanamo prisoners sue

Court news:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Four former Guantanamo prisoners should be allowed to proceed with their lawsuit claiming torture and violations of their religious rights, their lawyer argued on Friday. ...

The lawsuit claimed the four were subjected to various forms of torture, were harassed as they practiced their religion and were forced to shave their religious beards. In one instance, a guard threw a Koran in a toilet bucket, according to the lawsuit.

"You don't need the Supreme Court to tell you that putting Korans in the toilet bucket is something the United States shouldn't be doing," Lewis said during the arguments. "Everything is saying you can't do this."
I think that we would need the Supreme Court for that. There is no law against a prison guard putting a Koran in toilet bucket. If enemy combatants were citing the Koran to justify their jihad against the West, then the guard ought to throw it into the toilet bucket.

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