Friday, January 12, 2007

Teach to the test

I just heard CBS radio news broadcasting a sound bite from someone griping that because of increased emphasis on standardized testing in the USA public schools, teachers have to "teach to the test" and stick to the curriculum, at the expense of teaching current events, such as how we got into the Iraq War. (I missed the name, and do not have an exact quote.)

This is good news. I'd rather forbid the teachers from subjecting the students to their political propaganda.

I wouldn't mind if schools taught the actual reasons for the war as stated by Pres. GW Bush and Tony Blair, the reasons given by Congressmen who voted for the war, including Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, and the majority of other Democrats, and the actual reasons cited by the United Nations when it voted to give Iraq and ultimatum.

History is already being rewritten, and hardly anyone remembers thosereasons anymore. I would first test the teachers to see whether they can state the reasons for war correctly. I doubt it.

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