Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Obama drawing parallels

Chicago Sun-Times reports:
"We will have an announcement very soon," said Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Monday.

Obama will make his 2008 White House run official any day now. I'm told by the Obama camp: "standby."

"Could be as early as this week," said Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Obama spoke at a Dr. Martin Luther King Day memorial in Harvey, a south suburban Chicago suburb and then took questions from reporters. ...

Obama's own words:
"We will have an announcement very soon but I didn't want to use this day to indicate my plans because I am humbled by what Dr. King accomplished.

"And I don't think that-you know-whatever my political plans are are comparable to the heroic struggles that he went through and I don't want to draw false parallels."
I am expecting Obama to hold a press conference next month on the day after Washington's Birthday, and then try to imply that he didn't want to draw parallels between himself and George Washington.

Update: I was a little off. Obama is reportedly going for Lincoln's birthday, as of Feb. 9.

Update: Sure enough, Obama used Lincoln's birthday to compare himself to Pres. Lincoln.

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