Sunday, November 05, 2006

Think outside your bubble

From a California TV ad:
Some girls do not enjoy the relationship with their parents that you may have. Prop. 85 would force girls to notify an abusive or violent parent that they are pregnant and this puts them in real danger. Please --

Think outside your bubble.
Vote NO on Prop. 85
Paid for by [various abortion businesses]
The grammar and terminology is a little weird. Prop. 85 only requires an abortion-seeking underage girl to notify one parent, and it doesn't have to the abusive one. Actually, it doesn't even require that, as there is a simple and nearly automatic judicial override if the girl claims that she can make the abortion decision on her own.

Second, the ad is aimed at voters who are over age 18 and probably much older than that. So why the comparison to an adult voter's relationship to his or her parents?

Third, if a girl has an abusive or violent parent, then she is already in danger. If she is underage and pregnant, then she is already in danger. I think that it should have said that if an underage girl has to tell a violent father about a pregnancy, then this puts the boyfriend in danger.

Finally, I like the slogan, "Think outside your bubble." I don't know what it means, but it sounds great.

George writes:
The slogan "Think outside your bubble" means to look at the issue from another point of view. Not everyone has your old-fashioned morality. Think about a teenaged runaway prostitute who gets pregnant and doesn't want her parents to find out. Think about the boy who gets a girl pregnant, and just wants to get her to the abortion clinic without anyone finding out. Think about Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics, who will have to ask young pregnant girls whether they are under 18 and whether they have told a parent. Think about a 14-year-old girl who is being sexually abused by a step-father or a neighbor, and gets pregnant. If the parents found out, it could ruin a marriage or make someone move out of the neighborhood or even cause criminal charges. If Prop. 83 also passes, the guy could have to wear a GPS monitoring device for the rest of his life. Getting an abortion has become a rite of passage for girls in our society. Ms. Magazine celebrates women who have had a abortions. Yes, you should call them women, not girls. If they can get pregnant, then they are women and they have a constitutional right to their sexual autonomy.
If an underage girl really wants autonomy, then she should go get legally emancipated. Otherwise, she is under the care of her parents.

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