Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big companies beat California initiatives

Corporate money succeeded in Califonia. The tobacco industry beat Prop. 86, the oil industry beat Prop. 87, and the abortion industry beat Prop. 85. An attempt to limit such corporate spending all failed with Prop. 89. George writes:
What abortion industry? There is no abortion industry. If you are referring to Planned Parenthood, it accepts donations, so it is not really a business. Yes, it does charge money for abortions, but it charges less money than the big hospitals, so it is really conducting a public service.
Planned Parenthood is primarily in the abortion business. They make millions of dollars a year doing abortion. It charges whatever the market will bear, just like any other business, as far as I know. I think that it also sells condoms and other products and services.

Planned Parenthood spent millions of dollars on TV ads promoting laws that allow abortion clinics to sell abortions to 14-year-old girls without telling their parents. Planned Parenthood is obviously just trying to increase its business.

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