Sunday, September 17, 2006

Murderous and compromised history

The Times of London reports:
The president of Germany's central council of Muslims went further, saying that Catholicism's murderous and compromised history left it with no moral leg to stand on to criticise other religions.

"After the blood-stained conversions in South America, the Crusades in the Muslim world, the coercion of the church by Hitler's regime, and even the coining of the phrase 'holy war' by Pope Urban II, I do not think the church should point a finger at extremist activities in other religions," said Aiman Mazyek.
Good, let's compare histories. It is the Aztecs who were the sadistic cannibals, not the Christians. The Crusades helped save Europe from the evil Mohammedan empire. Hitler was not a Catholic; the Mohammedans have much more in common with Hitler. It is the Mohammedans who believe in systematically exterminating the Jews. A holy war was a just war for freedom; a Mohammedan jihad is an excuse for terrorist to murder innocent civilians.

I'd rather compare the religions today. Mohammedans today defend killing infidels; Christians do not.

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