Friday, April 21, 2006

Stone Age Values

The Si Valley paper editorializes:
An apology would help get Los Altos out of the Stone Age ...

The council majority of Kurt Colehower, David Casas and Mayor Ron Packard embarrassed the community in February with its rejection of the students. The three didn't just refuse the kids' request to proclaim a Gay Pride Day. They went further and passed a rule banning any future consideration of proclamations having to do with sexual orientation -- a topic Packard described as divisive and inappropriate. ... These kids weren't just told no, they were told to go away and shut up.

But the rule is even more insidious: It's an affirmation that gays remain far from full acceptance even in the Bay Area. The council majority paradoxically has proved the need for the type of public education that the gay and straight high school students hoped to promote.
No, what this proves is that the San Jose paper wants to brainwash schoolkids and politicians into thinking that they have to apologize for not endorsing pro-homosexual propaganda efforts.