Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Judges reject parental rights

The NEA (public school teachers union) brags:
Federal courts rule that parents have no constitutional right to 'dictate individually what the schools teach their children.'

Claiming a violation of their "parental rights," some parents have recently hauled public school officials into court and asked federal judges to overturn educational decisions they don't like. Their lawyers argue that parents have a constitutional right "to direct the upbringing and education" of their children, including the right to override the decisions of democratically elected school board members.

To date, they've not enjoyed much success.
John writes:
The 9th Circuit issued a bad parental rights decision today. Opinion by Reinhardt for a unanimous 3-judge panel. Holds that parents have no constitutional right to opt their children out of sex education or psychological surveys (nosy questionnaires).
The decision affirmed a federal district judge whose decision was praised in the above 2003 NEA newsletter.

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