Thursday, November 03, 2005

Characterised by promiscuity

This 2003 NZ essay says:
British anthropologist John D. Unwin studied 80 civilisations that have come and gone over a period of several thousand years. He found a common thread ran through all of them. In each instance, as the family deteriorated, the civilisation itself started to come apart. In all 80 cases the fall of the nation was related to the fall of the family. In most cases, the civilisations he studied fell within one generation of the fall of the family unit. ...

Even advocates of same-sex marriage concede their marriages would have to be different. They want to redefine marriage so that multiple relationships are normal. This is because homosexuality is characterised by promiscuity. Most "committed" homosexual relationships include casual sex partners. In one of the largest US studies of gay lifestyles:2
  • 28 percent of white male homosexuals estimated they'd had sex with more than 1,000 partners
  • 43 percent estimated they'd had sex with 500 or more different partners
  • 75 percent had had 100 or more sexual partners

    Homosexuals themselves say "marriage" for them has to be "open".
  • The essay just generated this reply:
    Study co-author Dr Martin Weinberg says his study has been misused.

    "There is nothing in our book that is relevant to opposition to a civil union measure," he told the website Happy Clapping Homos.
    Yeah, right. Let them get married. Just don't expect them to act like married people, or you are a bigot.

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