Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How marital therapy can be hazardous

Conventional wisdom says that those with marital problems are better off seeing some sort of marriage counselor or psychotherapist. The empirical evidence is rather weak, and I wouldn't be surprised if such therapy usually does more harm than good. Here is an essay on How therapy can be hazardous to your marital health.
Now I’m going to talk about the most common ways that therapists undermine marital commitment. And I want to underline again: I do this for a living. I train therapists, and I think that therapy can be enormously helpful in the right hands. There are four ways that therapists undermine marital commitment: incompetent therapists, neutral therapists, pathologizing therapists, and overtly undermining therapists.
And this is coming from a psychotherapist. He's may be doing harm also, and he may not realize it.

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