Friday, April 29, 2005

fat people go crazy

Here is a new story on the dangers of fat:
Research links fat, dementia

LONDON [AP] — The most convincing research so far suggests that being fat in your 40s might raise your risk of developing dementia later in life.

In a study that followed more than 10,000 Californians for almost 30 years, researchers found that the fatter people were, the greater their risk for Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. The results were published online today by the British Medical Journal. ...

The data showed that roughly seven out of 100 normal-weight people developed dementia. Among overweight people, the risk was almost eight out of 100; and for obese people, it was nine out of 100.
I am surprised that they are so quick to say that the obesity causes the dementia; I think that it is more likely that the dementia causes the obesity. In most cases, obesity is a symptom of a malfunctioning brain.

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