Friday, December 10, 2004

UK men are helpless victims

A UK forensic psychologist says that a British subject must never defend himself when a criminal invades his home:
From a police perspective, the advice to potential victims of burglaries is unequivocal and clear-cut and you should never "have a go", so to speak, but for the victims of crime this is a very difficult thing to put into practice, especially when your natural instincts are to defend yourself, your family and your own property - the very pillars of your life that are being violated and potentially destroyed by criminals.
He suggests active passivity (trying to avoid the attacker), total passivity (offering complete cooperation with the attacker), and afterwards seeking professional "counselling to develop effective coping strategies".

No, he does not mean buying a gun or learning martial arts. He means that men must learn to accept the fact that they are helpless victims who can do nothing to defend their families.

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