Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Boys are dropping out

Andy writes:
Meanwhile, I see that there is another argument to use against Title IX quotas. Boys are dropping out of school like flies. Newspapers don't report on this, but the situation has reached crisis level. In 2003, 712,000 women earned bachelor's degrees while only 531,000 men did. In 2001, 18.9 percent of boys dropped out of high school while only 14 percent of girls did, according to Postsecondary Education Opportunity.

What's this have to do with Title IX? Boys programs need to be improved, not girls'. The big football college Penn State does attract and retain boys, unlike other schools lacking strong mens' sports program. Colleges in places like Maine and South Carolina, which have weak mens sports programs, have only 40% male enrollment. But Penn State, in contrast, is 55% men.

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