Saturday, February 25, 2017

Feminists hate cryptic billboard

Here is a goofy feminist gripe:
Women are planning this weekend to protest a North Carolina billboard with a message they say is a slam on gender equality, according to media reports.

A billboard on a highway between Winston-Salem and Greensboro reads, "Real men provide. Real women appreciate it." It's on Business 40, a heavily traveled commuter stretch of an offshoot of Interstate 40 that runs between the two cities.

Winston-Salem boutique owner Molly Grace said that she sees the sign's message as an attempt to silence women who want to be seen as equals to men.

"It's absolutely, absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small careers or big careers," Grace said.
I am not sure of the point of the billboard, but how is it insulting? Are these feminists saying that men should not provide? Or that women should not appreciate male providers? They are sick.

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