Friday, December 23, 2016

Name-calling leftist professor attacks alt-right

Brian Leiter is a law professor, over-opinionated philosophy blogger, and typical Jewish leftist, and he has spent the last year calling Donald Trump a Nazi. He says that he is in favor of academic freedom, but he tries to shame any right-wing professors with name-calling. He writes:
All of which brings us to "Charles Martel," the pseudonym of one of the "philosophy" bloggers at what I jokingly called awhile back "Stormfront for philosophers," except I'm beginning to wonder if it is a joke. ... These are not philosophers "on the right," these are NeoNazi morons.
Here is the essay he attacks:
A key thesis of the alt-right, as some contributors here have discussed, is that race is a real feature of the human person ...

Next comes the following claim by the alt-righter: these biological facts about one’s race go on to influence, outright determine, or, more poetically, flavor the sort of civilization that a race will establish. ...

it is not implausible at all to suggest that Western civilization — by which we mean European civilization — can only be fully and genuinely carried on by people of European biological stock (just as, say, Jewish civilization can only be genuinely or fully carried on by people of Jewish stock).
If Martel is wrong, where is the rebuttal?

No, the ctrl-left just wants to silence with name-calling. He is just a hater of white Christian civilization.

Update: BTW, I do agree with Donald Trump that the USA should have vetoed the UN resolution condemning Israel. The West Bank settlements do not violate any international law. I would think that Jews should be calling Barack Obama the Nazi, since he is the one who is saying that Jews should not live in certain places.

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Roger said...

The term "NeoNazi morons" is a pejorative term. It is not descriptive in this case at all, and it just a mindless insult.

The term "typical Jewish leftist" is descriptive. Leiter posts leftist opinions on a daily basis, and anti-Christian opinions frequently as well. His whole mindset is common for Jews in academia, and uncommon elsewhere. I am just describing what he is, in a neutral way. If I wanted to be pejorative, I might have called him a commie faggot, or something like that.