Monday, August 12, 2013

Teaching feelings in class

A Science Friday broadcast last week was on emotional intelligence:
Some psychologists say teaching emotional literacy in school is key to better behavior—and better grades. Marc Brackett and Maurice Elias, two experts in social emotional learning, talk about how emotional literacy is woven into a standard curriculum, and how it can tackle problems like bullying and absenteeism.
That may sound plausible, but they lost me at this point:
We believe that all emotions are valid. We don't value any emotion over another. [at 9:50]
They go on to say that it should be normal for all the teachers and students to share their emotions and feelings with others at school.

No, this is crazy. I want the chemistry teacher to teach chemistry, and not subject the class to his personal emotional feelings.

This is another example of the feminization of the schools. See Boys Adrift, by Leonard Sax for many other examples.

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