Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State observations

I have a few observations about the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.

Media stories do not mention homosexuality because there are psychologists who claim that men raping underage boys has nothing to do with homosexuality. They say that pedophiles only have an age attraction, in spite of ample evidence of homosexual pedophiles.

Sandusky is a sick pervert, but McQueary is a moral degenerate.

The case against Penn State rests entirely on the dubious and uncorroborated testimony of McQueary about details of 2002 conversations. It is foolish to think that those details will ever be established.

If McQueary is telling the truth, then he was in a position to stop a child rape, and he chose not to intervene or notify the police.

If McQueary is lying, then he is conspiring to frame Penn State officials, in exchange for immunity from the DA. I think that he is lying.

Joe Paterno's reputation has fallen farther and faster on flimsier evidence than any case I have never seen.

Most people do not believe in innocent until proven guilty.

If anyone ignored the evidence against Sandusky, it was the PA AG. The university gave him all the evidence in 1998, and he said that there was not enough to prosecute. A victim brought the strongest complaint in Spring 2008, and the (different) PA AG waited 3.5 years before taking action against Sandusky.

Joe Paterno was a conservative who strove for excellence in football and in his players. He was loyal to his team and they were loyal to him. They were winners. He is just the sort of man that liberals despise. There is a plot to destroy him.

Penn State fired Sandusky in 1999. I predict that all other Penn State officials will eventually be acquitted. We should make a note of those who are in a rush to judgment against Penn State.

I have some more comments here and here.


Apeoj said...

I agree with you, I think Mcqueary is lying; I also think he didn't realize how all of this would play out; he probably thought Paterno would retire, our state AG and governor would get what they wanted (PSU admin shake up) and he stood to move up the coaching hierarchy. His testimony is coached or false to get the AG what she wanted for Corbett, something they could use against PSU admin. Now Paterno's great legacy is nothing more than collateral damage in a political game. This is not right. And now Corbett and these people have everybody so whipped up that if you try to defend Joe Pa you are a child abuser yourself. This is like the Salem Witch Trials.

Roger said...

I am shocked at how many people accept McQueary without question. It seems that they will believe anything negative, and reject everything positive.

Anonymous said...

McQuery's veracity aside, how can you ignore the CNN interview with the father of one of the alleged victims? Oh, yeah, that's the liberal media conspiracy... part of the conspiracy against Paterno. I get it. I guess you also missed Paterno's apology for not doing more ten years ago... he clearly thinks/knows Sandusky is guilty.
Let's maintain a list of those who think that Sandusky and Cain are innocent, in complete denial of the mounting evidence. Might as well deny the holocaust and evolution! Is stupidity the essence of conservatism? Beginning to think so.

Roger said...

Nearly everyone thinks/knows Sandusky is guilty. Even if Paterno believes McQueary's story (or one of his stories, since they cannot all be correct), it does not make Sandusky guilty. And just because Paterno now says that more could have been done to investigate the allegations, it does mean anyone is guilty. I say we should look at the evidence. Go ahead and post links to evidence, if you wish.

Anonymous said...

preponderance of evidence?

AG is reported to have 40 *unrelated* counts

there are at least 20 victims:

mother's interview:

self-incriminating interview with Costas

classic pattern of his "retirement" and subsequent university/2 mile coverup

The justice system can presume him innocent; those with functioning senses and intelligence have to believe otherwise.

Roger said...

I am primarily commenting on the case against Penn State. The victim 1 case has nothing to do with Penn State.

The victim 1 mom says that she had a suspicion but did not want to make an allegation or call the police. She also says that she wants Sandusky in jail for the rest of his life. The DA apparently had some reluctance to act on the victim 1 allegation. I am not sure what to make of that, but it has nothing to do with Penn State anyway.