Monday, August 29, 2011

The anti-science party

Steve Landsburg regularly attacks Paul Krugman, such as this NY Times column:
Mr. Perry, the governor of Texas, ... said about climate change: “... And I think we are seeing almost weekly, or even daily, scientists are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what is causing the climate to change.” ... I could point out that Mr. Perry is buying into a truly crazy conspiracy theory, which asserts that thousands of scientists all around the world are on the take, with not one willing to break the code of silence.
This does not make any sense. Krugman contradicts himself. If Perry says that scientists are speaking out against global warming science, then they are not following a code of silence.

Krugman also says:
the scientific consensus about man-made global warming — which includes 97 percent to 98 percent of researchers in the field, according to the National Academy of Sciences — is getting stronger, not weaker, as the evidence for climate change just keeps mounting.

In fact, if you follow climate science at all you know that the main development over the past few years has been growing concern that projections of future climate are underestimating the likely amount of warming.
Again, he contradicts himself. If there is sharp disagreement about the climate projections, then there is not a consensus.

Krugman's main point is this:
Mr. Hunstman has been willing to say the unsayable about the G.O.P. — namely, that it is becoming the “anti-science party.” This is an enormously important development. And it should terrify us.
The Democrats are the ones who are anti-science on subjects like nuclear power.

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