Friday, July 15, 2011

Amusing anti-Apple rant

TechEye say Apple is losing in Europe:
iOS was down pretty much across the board: its share fell from 30.6 per cent to 18.3 per cent in the UK. Apple apologists say that Jobs' Mob is not selling less, it is just not flogging as many as Android. However for a product which claims to be superior in every way, this means that there is something wrong.

For a start it says that the number of people who buy Apple gear are finite, while the numbers who buy Android are infinite. It implies that rather than being the king of technology, Apple is pandering to a fixed market who buy what ever they are told. That market of technologically illiterate, wealthy, Coldplay listening fans is large, but not statistically that important.

This might be one of the reasons why other outfits have not been able to duplicate Apple's success with keyboardless netbooks. No one really wants tablets and their use is just as limited as they were when Microsoft was trying to push them. However, Apple's large, limited, and stupid market will buy them because Steve and his tame Apple press say they are important.

Smartphones, however are different. True, Jobs did lead the way in making smartphones more accessible, but his software is now eclipsed by much cheaper and freer Android numbers.

What this means is that Apple's core base is amongst the puritan, fundamentalist Americans who tend to like their religion dictated to them by loud spitting preachers. In Europe, people are a bit more culturally sophisticated, they will look at things a little more pragmatically. Apple style Fundamentalism does not sit very well in Europe.

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