Saturday, April 23, 2011

Better gift than chocolates

I missed this story last week:
We have a bizarre tale to relate involving the journal Surgery News, which recently lost its editor-in-chief over a rather strange editorial he wrote in the February issue of the magazine.
The editorial is about Valentine's Day, and the one substance that has been shown to make women happier than chocolate.

Lazar Greenfield's resignation was also reported in the NY Times.

Apparently this research is politically incorrect. No one says that it is scientifically incorrect. Just impolite to say it, I guess.

Update: Dilbert says that it took him 15 minutes to figure out why some women might take offense, and theorizes that many women have a lot of difficulty compartmentilizing information. He finds that people are often offended by his jokes and comments, and it is usually because people confuse what he says. They smoosh together facts and opinions, and blame him for things he never said. The fault is with the smooshers.

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