Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Discrimination against conservatives, not women

Here is a new study:
It has long been the conventional wisdom in science that women are discriminated against in publication (female-authored manuscripts are said to be rejected more often than those written by males), in funding (female-authored grants are less successful), and in hiring. This, it is said, accounts for the underrepresentation of women in some areas of science, particularly math-related areas like physics.

The authors simply surveyed a number of studies (and there are many) addressing these claims. It turns out that, since at least the late 1970s, the claims of biases in publication, funding, and hiring aren’t borne out by the data: the usual citations of biases are based on only a handful of studies whose results have not been replicated by other work. In general, the authors show that in the three areas of “bias” mentioned above, women are on par with men.
Meanwhile, the NY Times
reports that the social psychologists who make some of these discrimination allegations have much more evidence that their own field discriminates against political conservatives.

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