Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Texting teens are troublemakers

Here is a new study:
19.8 percent of teens reported "hypertexting," or sending more than 120 messages a day, while 11.5 percent of teens were "hypernetworking," spending more than 3 hours a day on their preferred social network sites. The authors found that the hyper-texters and -networkers were more likely to be minority students, female, and come from a lower socioeconomic status.

The hyper-texters and -networkers also tended to engage in much more at-risk behavior: higher levels of sexual activity with more sex partners, smoking, and drinking. They also were more likely to be obese and display a tendency toward eating disorders. As if that weren't enough, they had more stress and suicidal thoughts; they also got less sleep and felt less safe at school.
Wow. Liberals used to complain about a "digital divide" in which poor people lack computer access. Now the digital divide is the opposite, and the disadvantages ones have the most computer access.

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Rainer said...

First they took us the alcohol. Then they took us the smoke.
Recently they took us the food and banned us from eating as much as we like. While on the other hand they want us to eat minimum dosis and call doing otherwise "eating disorder".
Now they take us our texting devices and networking devices.

Everything that`s fun and good for the children is dubbed "risky behavior" or is otherwise presumed to be seen negatively.
They try to hurt the children by limiting what and how much they can have, and rather to be seen as aggressor prefer to be seen as saviors and caretakers of the children.

My name is Rainer, and I am 36 years of age.