Sunday, May 24, 2009

The nuclear gender gap

A recent Rasmussen poll shows:
Men and women differ significantly on the question of more nuclear plants. While 66% of men say more plants should be built, only 35% of women agree. The plurality of women (43%) does not think more plants should be built, along with just 24% of men.
This is a huge difference between men and women. It appears that many women have some sort of nuclear phobia. An NIMH study found that phobias were the most common mental illness among women in all age groups.

The poll also found:
The new survey also finds that 39% of voters believe global warming is caused by human activity, up from 34% in April. However, 44% say long-term planetary trends are most to blame for global warming. Last month, 48% cited this reason.

Despite the rise in voters who say human activity is to blame, the overall results represent a complete reversal from a year ago, when 47% blamed human activity and only 34% blamed planetary trends. ...

Forty-two percent (42%) of U.S. voters believe that Americans need to make major changes in their lifestyle to save the environment, but 44% disagree.
So despite years of liberal propaganda, most Americans want more nuclear power plants, and don't believe that people are causing global warming or that we need to sacrifice our standard of living to save the environment.

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