Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mexicans eat bugs and worms

John sends this story:
The changes are proving lethal. More than 50 percent of Mexican women have body-mass indexes of 25 or more, an indicator of being overweight, Bourges said. The obesity rate here is the same as in the United States, he added.

"It's partly a problem of globalization," Bourges said. "Their habits were excellent before."

In the Mexican countryside, for example, insects are a common source of protein. At a dinner at the famed restaurant Izote, run by chef and author Patricia Quintana, conference participants from the U.S. sampled fried maguey worms, which look a bit like ruffled french fries, and ant eggs, or escamole, which resemble barley. ...

"To anybody who pays taxes in the States," Gifford said, "the consequences of the health problems of urbanized Latinos to the American taxpayers is just going to be punishing."
So Mexicans don't want to eat bugs and worms anymore, and America is to blame.

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