Thursday, February 24, 2005

Soccer stars at six-fold risk of brain damage

John sends this story:
[Health India]: London,Feb.24 : A survey covering 7000 soccer pros in Italy reveals that football players are six times more prone to fatal brain diseases than others, as they repeatedly use their heads to knock the ball.

Top footballers like Don Rovie was one of those who was hit by a motor neuron disease after retiring from the field. The disease has already proved fatal in the cases of Middlesbrough's Willie Maddren and Derby's Rob Hindmarch.

Medical researchers, however, believe the main reason behind the outbreak of such ailments might be repeatedly heading. Expert Dr Adriano Chio said the average age for the start of the disease in footballers was 41, 20 years earlier than usual.
Remember that the next time you hear about soccer moms.

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