Tuesday, August 29, 2023

More Educated People are more Anti--semitic

The Jerusalem Post reports:
How we combat hate may need to be reevaluated after a new study found that educated people may actually in some ways be more antisemitic than less educated people, despite largely accepted views supporting the contrary, according to an article by the researchers behind the study in Tablet magazine.
The common view of the relationship between antisemitism and education is that higher education leads to less antisemitism, with education seen as an important tool in combating hate of all kinds and antisemitism in particular.
The study did not really measure anti-semitism, but the willingness to distinguish Jews from other groups in policy questions. It is unconvincing because there could be good reasons for the distinctions, and maybe more educated people will make the distinction.

The whole purpose of these articles is to help Jews use the concept of anti-semitism to manipulate non-Jews to serve the interests of Jews.

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CFT said...

I do not think the whole 'anti-semitic' thing is very honest at its core, and I am speaking as someone who actually does have a great deal of respect for the historical Jewish spiritual and philosophical contributions and traditions. This follows from an obvious truth, that without the Jews, there would have been no Jesus, thus no Christianity for Constantine to co-opt...and oh well jingle-bells, no Western Civilization as we know it either.

In a game of chess, even if both parties are playing honestly by the same rules...
and both parties are equally honorable,
They are still in conflict.
Both want to win.
What is good for one is not necessarily good for the other.
Everyone knows this privately.
Yet publicly if anyone remarks that what is good Israel is not necessarily good for the United States, a whole extra-large can of angry 'you hate Jews!' accusational whoop-ass is set off.

The Nitty Gritty is never pleasant.
America is not part of Israel, and vice versa. Thank God for that.
We also need to be very honest about who is dependent upon whom here.
There literally would be no Israel today if the U.S. didn't continually fund and arm it at very great expense.
The United State's fortunes are falling though, and before too much longer there will be increasing pressure to open discussion about cutting off or severely limiting financial aid, this is actually inevitable in the long run.

I do have the germ of an idea though. An idea that would diffuse the ticking time bomb called Israel and present a possible future without assured annihilation.

Israel needs a new Moses to guide them to a new promised land.

The Jewish people have had diaspora before, they will have it again, inevitably, but why not manage the process to one of their own choosing instead of being forced into it? Pack up the Holy temple on the mount of Jerusalem, stone by stone, and a large chunk of the sacred ground underneath it as well. This fulfills their connection to the chosen land and the covenant, if the sacred spot is special, move the damn divine spot. Transplant said earth, stone, and temple, onto another hilltop somewhere else, like a nice island in the Pacific, pay off the previous inhabitants to retire comfortably somewhere else (they CAN afford to do this), and restart New Jerusalem in Nova Israel right there, far far farrrrr away from legions of angry Muslims and their very numerous petroleum backed arms dealers. The chosen of God will still have their precious piece of God's favorite parking spot on earth, and the Jewish people will be able to control immigration to their island country, and perhaps get even better beach front property out of it with nice tourism potential, and have room and time to breath, raise their families...and figure out how to live outside of constant conflict for the first time since Moses fled Egypt.